Get Unlooped With Keys n' Krates

Last night, I couldn’t getting any sleep. So I decided to on the web and search out some new music.  For some reason, I was coming across a lot of Canadian artists.  Then I stumbled on this trio out of Toronto by the name of Keys n’ Krates.  I think I have seen there names before, but never check them out until last night around midnight. I tell you this, I’m very upset that I waited this long to listen to their music.  Keys n’ Krates are what you call a band that does “live remixing.”  The concept sounds really risky, but these cats pull it off!  Remember when Diddy said he invented or re-invented the remix or something like that? (If you called adding more guest rappers on the same beat a remix, then all the oil in the Gulf is good for your skin). Well these guys really did RE-INVENT the remix. Follow @keysnkrates on Twitter.

Here is a little bio on the trio

Dynamic Adam Tune on the drums, World Champion turntablist Jr‐Flo on turntables, and the eversoulful  Matisse on the keys are doing nothing short of “re‐inventing the remix.”Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, Keys N Krates combine live instrumentation, turntablism and live sampling to remix existing pop music and samples from MGMT to Jay‐Z right before your eyes. Pushing the envelope beyond the ideals of laptop‐centric remix culture, this unique trio changes the game by bringing an explosive live analog presence to their sought‐after sound and performance.
Keys n’ Krates created amazing remix of MGMT’s “Electric Feel” (almost makes up for that lousy performance from MGMT a few weeks back in Milwaukee.) You can check it out and download it below.
You can also a listen to a 30 minute mix they did for Urb Magazine a few months back.
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