A Documentary To Cover Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival

One of my favorite DJs is Gilles Peterson who does the amazing Worldwide radio show on BBC’s Radio 1. His show covers the gamut of genres from hip hop to jazz to electronic to latin music. He also puts on an amazing festival called Worldwide Festival in Sete, France.  I would have to say, this be probably one of the only festival I would really love to go to.  Someone agrees with me enough to cover the festival and turn into a documentary.

Frenchman Olivier Cavaller from the Klacto production house is producing the documentary.  There is no release date available as of yet, but check out the trailer below and tell me you wouldn’t want to go to this annual festival in France.

Bonus: Here is some videos from this past festival

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble performing at the Worldwide Festival

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