Control Ableton Live With Your iPhone or iPad?

Could the future of software controllers for programs like Ableton Live be the iPad?  Well there are two apps trying at least to make it happen. With the release of the iPad a few months ago, the concept of a controller for Ableton Live was bound to happen. Instead of lugging around bulky usb controllers around and risk breaking knobs or buttons, the convenience of carrying around your iPad or even an iPhone seems very appealing.  Also the iPad’s ability to display almost a limitless configurations is a plus too.

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A Documentary To Cover Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Festival

One of my favorite DJs is Gilles Peterson who does the amazing Worldwide radio show on BBC’s Radio 1. His show covers the gamut of genres from hip hop to jazz to electronic to latin music. He also puts on an amazing festival called Worldwide Festival in Sete, France.  I would have to say, this be probably one of the only festival I would really love to go to.  Someone agrees with me enough to cover the festival and turn into a documentary.

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Free Download | Red Bull Music Academy Various Assets London 2010

If you are a DJ, producer, musician, singer or rapper, you need to check out the Red Bull Music Academy.  It is a two week session held once a year in a different city from around the world.  Each year Red Bull puts out a call to artists to submit an application for the academy.  They accept on 60 artists to attend this amazing opportunity to work with select artists from around the world.  The sessions include workshops, shows, panels, and opportunity to collaborate and record tracks.  Each year Red Bull Music academy selects some of the recordings and release a compilation.  This past year the academy was held in London, and they just dropped the compilation a couple of weeks ago for free.

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Event | The Glitch Mob Comes To Turner Hall Ballroom on August 22nd

The amazing electronic group known as the Glitch Mob will be coming to Milwaukee on August 22nd to Turner Hall Ballroom. Best know for their Glitched out sound (hence their name), The Glitch Mob have a made a name for themselves for their amazing live sets performing all around the world at place such as the legendary Low End Theory in Los Angeles.  They recently released their lates album “Drink The Sea” on Glass Air. I had a chance to seen them at this year’s SXSW and was blown away. This is a show not to be missed. The Glitch Mob will be at Turner Hall Ballroom on Sunday, August 22nd.

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Event | Unlooped! Friday, July 30th @ bSide

The second installment of Unlooped Live will occur on Friday, July 30th at bSide at 10pm, which is located at 235 South 2nd Street, Milwaukee at 10pm.  There will be a live collaboration between producer Dave Olson from the Milwaukee hip hop group The Figureheads, Allen Cote from The Championship and visuals from VJ Brye of The Black Hoodies. Closing out the evening will be J-Slim of Trauma House ( He will be presenting Vidiot  – a multi-media DJ set consisting of a mix of music and videos.  Additional DJ sets for the event will come from BTS.WRKNG, DJ Tarik, Adam Carr from 88Nine, and DJ Romke.
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