See You Cry

Unlooped Versus Dilla – “See You Cry”

See You Cry
Last year Unlooped created a new series called ‘Versus.’ ‘Versus’ is a series where Unlooped gathers different Milwaukee artists together and take on and re-interpret a major, influential artist’s music catalog with an electronic twist. The first show in this series was Unlooped Versus Dilla, which debuted September 17, 2011. Unlooped Versus Dilla, inspired by Miguel Atwood Ferguseon’s Suite For Ma Dukes, brought together a string quartet, electronic producer, and DJ to create a unique take on the productions of the late, great J Dilla.   In honor of Dilla Month and Dilla’s birthday, which is Tuesday, February 7th, Unlooped Versus Dilla Ensemble will be releasing the first single called "See You Cry"from the forthcoming EP. Rehearsals Highlight Videos: Rehearsal #1: Rehearsal #2: Please consider to make a donation to J Dilla Foundation.
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Rehearsals Highlight Videos:
Rehearsal #1:
Rehearsal #2: credits released 07 February 2012 Barry Clark (Double Bass) Alida LaCosse (Violin) Old Man Malcolm (DJ) Dave Olson (producer) Allen Russell (Violin) Peter Thomas (Cello)   Creative Direction: DeChazier Stokes-Johnson Executive Producer: Tarik J Moody
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